Expanding your potential with a growing lineup of technologies.

To deliver produce with the freshness and taste consumers demand, your quality program needs to take an end-to-end perspective—with proven technologies that work together at every stage. With breakthrough thinking and new alliances, we’ve been expanding and adding to our flagship ethylene-control science to serve a wider variety of crops in more ways. We have also added two groundbreaking SO2 generating products, Uvasys and Berrisys. So no matter where you are in the supply chain, you have new and better ways to help your produce business thrive.

Protecting your produce at every stage

Our growing lineup of technologies addresses your challenges from field to retail display

Near-harvest technologies

for stronger yields and harvest efficiencies


Pre-transplant treatment mitigates transplant stress and improves yield on seedlings.

FreshCloud Harvest

Captures, organizes and presents fast and easy-to-access data insights on starch hydrolysis progression for optimized fruit maturity assessment

Multipurpose near-harvest technology controls peak ripeness to optimize crop yield, maximize fruit quality at harvest, and provide increased harvest management flexibility

Post-harvest technologies

for control and management of quality during storage and transport

Antimicrobial technology delivered by airborne systems. Our AgroFresh fogger is the thermofogging standard for fungicide delivery, working simultaneously with SmartFresh to bring new convenience and premium advantages to storage rooms.

AgroFresh fungicide

Antimicrobial technology delivered by liquid systems, including drenching. These fungicides provide control of a broad spectrum of post-harvest diseases in fruits to achieve a more profitable packout.


Advanced produce quality/freshness/protection and sustainable water management equipment for packinghouses and storage operators.

EthylBloc Logo

Fresh-from-the-field ethylene protection for flowers and ornamental plants. Works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresh from the field during shipping and distribution.


Digital technology services platform, built from deep agricultural expertise, provides data analysis tools and quality insights to optimize produce freshness/quality management decision-making, and reduce food loss/waste, from the field to the retailer.

FreshCloud Inspection

Proprietary cloud-based mobile quality management service that digitizes the formerly manual quality control process by capturing, organizing and analyzing quality metrics in real time.


Post-harvest protection solutions for cleaning and disinfecting fruit, water and packinghouse materials.


The original post-harvest choice to maintain consumer-desired produce freshness and quality, and reduce food loss and waste, is available in a variety of formats designed to fit your storage or on-the-move usage requirements.

SmartCitrus Logo

An integrated quality platform of solutions, equipment and services directed to the citrus industry to maintain freshness and reduce food loss and waste. Positively impacts virtually all aspects of the packinghouse operation from the time citrus crops arrive at the facility to when they are packed and shipped for consumer enjoyment.


By using sensor data to predict the maturity of the room, and displaying real-time, personalized packing orders on a convenient dashboard, Strella helps packers open the right room at the right time.

Teycer Originals

Traditional, edible coatings , including with fungal protection, for citrus, pome fruit and tropical fruit.

VitaFresh Botanicals

Plant-based, edible coatings for fresh produce protection, shelf life extension and food loss/waste reduction.


SO2 sheets specifically crafted to prevent postharvest fungal decay and protect your berries during transportation and storage.


A remarkable SO2 releasing laminated strip/wrap that ensures the enduring quality of cut flowers throughout their storage and transport journey.

Gradually releases precisely controlled levels of SO2, inhibiting the growth of Botrytis cinerea decay during postharvest storage, without compromising the litchis’ overall condition.


Groundbreaking laminated plastic sheet that harnesses the power of SO2 generation to protect your tomatoes during transportation and storage.


SO2 sheets specifically crafted using advanced laminated plastic membranes that offer the choice of dual-release or single-stage release options, winning the fight against Botrytis cinera and unlocking a world of unparalleled protection for your fruits.

Third-party fungicides: AgroFresh includes in its portfolio Academy™, Mertect® 340-F, Scholar® Max MP, Scholar® SC, Tecto® 500 SC, Graduate A+ and Xedathane HN distribution for different crops.

Retail technologies

for attracting shoppers and growing sales

FreshCloud Inspection

Proprietary cloud-based mobile quality management service that digitizes the formerly manual quality control process by capturing, organizing and analyzing quality metrics in real time.


The innovation that provides consumers access to more freshness options year-round, maintaining quality for a variety of produce during storage and transport so that it’s at its best for retail display.

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