You get one shot at a successful harvest, so put the most advanced harvest technology to work for you.

Make the most of your harvest management efforts and achieve enhanced fruit quality and yield. FreshCloud™ Harvest generates data-driven insights that unlock a deeper understanding of fruit maturity and storage potential during harvest.

More conveniently monitor maturity progression.

Enhance starch hydrolysis scoring.

Inform harvest timing.

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Automate, organize and optimize your harvest.

FreshCloud Harvest is an all-in-one, cloud-based technology that enables more informed, more confident planning and decision-making. And it’s all accessible via a tablet or cellphone.

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Track bloom dates and bud count to inform harvest window.

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Monitor color and size progression to predict fruit grades.

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Utilize historical insights to make better treatment decisions.

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Leverage integrated data to schedule and optimize your harvest.

Optimize your harvest from the start!

Monitor and manage your harvest like never before. From simple, convenient data collection to automated, easily accessed reports, FreshCloud Harvest makes it easy to optimize this season’s harvest and plan for next season.

FreshCloud™ Harvest

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