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Comprehensive Platform of AgTech Solutions, Equipment and Services for the Citrus Industry

A holistic approach that helps citrus growers to create a produce freshness program tailored specifically to their goals and needs.

Through our intelligent integration of products, technologies, and services, SmartCitrusTM helps citrus packers easily create a total integrated quality system to maintain freshness, reduce food loss and comply with food safety. AgroFresh offers a true global footprint and the ability to leverage knowledge and insights across regions to benefit citrus operators globally.

In addition to offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and technologies, AgroFresh offers one-to-one problem-solving guidance and diagnostics for the citrus industry, all under one integrated solution, SmartCitrus quality system.

SmartCitrus quality system integrated solutions have exceptional quality, thanks in part to the company’s ISO 9001 “quality management system” certification and ISO 14001 “environmental management system” standards.

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  • Benefits for packers and retailers:

    • Quality fruit from harvest through the supply chain to the consume
    • Protected external appearance of fruit
    • Extended shelf life maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit
    • Reduce food loss
    • Wide range of solutions including broad-spectrum liquid fungicides.
    • Large selection of edible coatings in addition to plant-based formulations for produce freshness, extended shelf life, food loss/waste reduction and superior consumer marketing options
    • Disinfectants and some biodegradable detergents line have been certified by CAAE Spain for compatibility with EU ecologic production
    • Post-harvest technologies for A-to-Z use on packing lines, degreening and in storage rooms
    • Enhanced treatment water management and savings for an optimal sustainability program
    • Support and custom consulting guidance by industry-leading post-harvest professionals in each step of your packinghouse operations – tailored to your specific market needs
  • Benefits for consumers:

    • Fresh, tasty fruit to enjoy with the entire family
    • Quality appearance of the fruit
    • Longer shelf life at home
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By preserving citrus freshness, AgroFresh aims to help growers, packers and retailers make the citrus supply chain more sustainable by helping to reduce food loss and food waste, a critical mission of the company.

SmartCitrusTM, the new post-harvest from AgroFresh.

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