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From packing lines to research labs, Control-TecTM leads the way in post-harvest treatment equipment

Integrating detergents, disinfectants, waxes and fungicides into your packing lines. Researching fruit physiology in precision-controlled chambers. Saving time with turnkey control solutions for storage facilities. Decreasing and optimizing water use and product consumption across your operation.

Thanks to innovative Control-Tec equipment from AgroFresh, produce pros worldwide are making their post-harvest activities as fruitful as possible—in all kinds of ways. Learn more about key Control-Tec products below.

Control-Tec for Packing Line

Application and dosage of fruit treatments and coatings

Control-Tec™ Drencher

Drencher system for arriving fruit on pallets of bins or boxes

  • Allows immediate and optimal treatment of the fruit as they arrive at the packhouse

  • Robust stainless-steel construction improves ease of use and maintenance

  • Configured to your specifications to enable fast, efficient treatment of large quantities of fruit

Control-Tec™ Dosifier

Proportional dosage system for fungicide, disinfectants and antifoams drenchers and tanks

  • Maintains concentration at programmed levels during the entire application for most effective application of post-harvest treatments

  • Reduces water and product usage by adjusting to the quantity of treated fruit

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and touch screen with automatic registration of application parameters

Control-Tec™ Disinfectant / Disinfectant Room

Automated spraying system for disinfection of packhouses and storage rooms

  • Automated system enables disinfection anytime, without relying on the availability of personnel or other resources

  • Provides optimal disinfection of atmospheres and surfaces of the packinghouse and the chambers, using fixed equipment installed in the plant

  • Enables scheduling disinfection to coincide with absence of workers or fruit

Control-Tec™ Cherry

  • Proportional dosage system for cherries, for phytosanitary treatment application and treatment-water management in process lines, hydrocoolers, drenchers and tanks

  • For more details, please contact your local AgroFresh commercial team.

Control-Tec™ Applicator

System for spray application of fungicides, waxes, disinfectants, detergents and fruit coatings on the packing line

  • Delivers accurate and consistent application to the fruit

  • Intelligent control allows regulation, programming and recording of the entire process, to ensure maximum quality and safety; intuitive touch screen for easy interaction

  • Graduated agitator tank ensures a homogeneous mixture of the treatment products

  • Measures the flow of fruit at the entrance of the application equipment to accurately apply dosages in proportion to actual fruit volume

  • Solves application problems caused by variances in volume of fruit coming into the applicator

  • Adaptable to your needs; available with a variety of fixed or installed nozzles on push-pull cart

Control-Tec™ Applicator Washer

System with high sustainability for washing, disinfection and rinsing of fruit with minimum water consumption

  • • Helps reduce water consumption—up to 90% compared to conventional systems

Control-Tec for Storage Rooms

Specialized chambers for degreening, analyze, ripening, astringency removal and research

Control-Tec™  Analyzer

Automatic control and management of environmental parameters for degreening, ripening and storage

  • System continuously measures temperature, humidity and CO2, automatically adjusting levels of ethylene and analyzing CO2 in the chamber to match programmed parameters

  • Maintains optimal levels for unique physiology of the produce to achieve maximum quality

Control-Tec™  Degreening

Automatically regulates heat, humidity and ethylene in degreening and ripening chambers

  • Controls and adjusts temperature and relative humidity (RH) per scheduled intervals, adjusting ethylene and controlling CO2 to maximize produce quality

  • Utilizes temperature and RH probes, air heaters, spray nozzles, and air recirculation and extraction systems to provide precise regulation of chamber conditions

Control-Tec™  Humidifier

Automatic humidification system by Air / Water nozzles

  • Humidification of the chamber environment through small drops.

  • Maintenance of moderate relative humidity, without wetting the fruit.

  • Reduces weight losses by not having to give water from the fruits to the environment, as it is saturated with moisture.

  • It works with normal water from the network, without the need for water treatment. It does not increase the ambient temperature, even lowering it slightly

Control-Tec™  Ultrahumidifier

System of automatic humidification of air by ultrasound, allowing the maintenance of the environmental humidity.

  • Innovative technology: spraying water vapor by ultrasound

  • Water micro-droplets are smaller than 4 microns in size, which prevents the accumulation of water

  • Micro-droplets remain suspended in the air for longer

  • Adaptable for different types of storage environments, cold rooms in packing houses, supermarket stock rooms and wholesalers

  • Suitable for all crops

Control-Tec™  Persimmon

The only safe technology for persimmon astringency removal

  • Provides total control over conservation, degreening, ripening and astringency removal processes in your chambers

  • View and control the environmental parameters of chambers at any time and from any compatible electronic device

Control-Tec™  Pure Air

The latest technology to improve fruit storage without residues

  • Purifies the air in the storage room atmosphere, reducing bacteria and fungal spores

  • Special germicide technology means no additional fruit residues

Control-Tec™  Research

Advanced controlled atmosphere cabin technology for food research

  • Research and experimentation cabins provide ultimate atmosphere control for fruits, vegetables and other foods

  • Easily combine different variables involved with fruit and vegetable processes (e.g., gas concentrations, temperature, RH), with visual monitoring and recording of all parameters

Control-Tec™  Ripening

CO2 and ethylene measurement and control equipment in fruit ripening chambers.

  • Instant measurement and visualization of CO2 and ethylene concentration.

  • Automatic selection and control of the level of CO2 and ethylene in the chambers.

  • Automatic programming of the maturation process duration and automatic change to conservation

  • Warning of possible anomalies in operation.

Control-Tec Eco

Reduction, recycling and treatment of waste water

Control-Tec™  Eco

Advanced management system for reuse of treatment water from drenchers and tanks

  • Highly efficient technology filters treatment water to allow its reuse, drastically reducing water consumption

  • Removes particles and separates and removes solids and organic matter, all of which are purged through a programmed operation

  • Clarifies mixtures for reuse, minimizing discharges and optimizing use of plant-protection products

  • Allows recycling of cleaning water from empty boxes and treatment water from drench or packing line, supporting sustainability goals

  • System authorized by CAAE certification service for the optimization of the water treatment in organic certified fruit postharvest processes.

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