Go to market with more confidence than ever before.

FreshCloud™ Storage provides breakthrough monitoring and analysis, combining dynamic sampling points during controlled atmosphere storage with state-of-the-art diagnostics and analytical equipment to help you:

Detect issues.

Anticipate room openings.

Reduce waste.

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Maximize produce quality with transparent, real-time data management.

FreshCloud Storage increases the potential of your produce arriving in market with its freshness and quality intact. And it’s accessible via a tablet or cellphone.

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Monitor storage conditions to optimize the marketable value of fruit and reduce waste.

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Gain valuable insights for a more predictable and better pack out.

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Know ethylene, CO2 and ammonia levels in storage rooms.

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Address developing issues before they become more costly problems.

Less stress inventory management.

Smarter analysis is key to smarter inventory management. And it’s easier at every stage with FreshCloud Storage.

FreshCloud™ Storage

Bring the benefits of storage monitoring to your crop.





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