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AgroFresh is a fast-moving, dynamic company dedicated to delivering integrated near- and post-harvest solutions for more freshness and quality, every step of the way from harvest to home. From next-gen digital monitoring and analytics and plant-based coatings to integrated fungicide solutions and SO2 generating sheets for more intelligent packaging, you can count on us for a full suite of near- and post-harvest solutions that help enhance quality and extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables.

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When you partner with AgroFresh, you get more years of near- and post-harvest expertise. You get more experts working together to proactively solve your most pressing challenges. You get more innovation, more technical support and more of what you need to succeed.

50+ Countries with Key Products Registered

8 Innovation Centers Located in Key Fruit Growing Regions

3,800+ Direct AgroFresh Customers

25k Storage Rooms Protected

375+ Patents

Smarter Freshness and the Technology Behind It

Imagine a world where the produce supply chain has more time every step of the way. Where products get to consumers exactly as the grower intended. Where food loss is minimized, sustainability maximized and business empowered. This is the world of Smarter Freshness, a growing range of integrated solutions only from AgroFresh.

What’s behind Smarter Freshness? A history and current state of numerous AgroFresh researchers, scientists and plant physiologists harnessing the power of ethylene.

AgroFresh pioneered numerous scientific and commercial applications of 1-MCP, which temporarily blocks the production and absorption of ethylene

Ethylene Management: The Core of Harvest-to-Home Freshness

As soon as fruits and vegetables are harvested and flowers are cut by growers, packers and grocers face the challenge of maintaining freshness and quality. Why? Ethylene, a natural plant hormone generated internally, manages the ripening process. Managing ethylene in produce is especially important during storage and transport where ethylene-rich environments can trigger the ripening process too quickly. Our solutions for managing ethylene result in less food spoilage, loss and waste.

Innovation in Motion

At AgroFresh, service and innovation are central to our success. That’s why we embed closely with our customers to understand their day-to-day challenges, and why experts at our global R&D and Innovation Centers share know-how and data across regions to solve these customer challenges and break new ground in new markets and applications.

R&D and Technical Service & Development Centers

R and D and Technical Service and Development Centers

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