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AgroFresh is a fast-moving, dynamic company dedicated to delivering integrated solutions for more freshness and quality, every step of the way from field to market. Collaborating closely with our customers, we continually research and develop unparalleled solutions that benefit the entire supply chain, and improve the quality of life for all.

Asking the big questions. Working for big answers.

What if every fruit could fulfill its most delicious potential?

What if every grower, packer and retailer had more efficient ways to protect freshness?

What if we could better predict and prevent produce spoilage, to improve food safety, save billions and feed the world with fewer resources?

What if we could meet the world’s expanding needs for fresh, safe and abundant produce supplies while reducing our impact on the environment?

These are the questions that inspire us at AgroFresh, and drive us to help more kinds of customers and produce than ever before.

Founded in 1996 with groundbreaking 1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene) based technologies that suppress ethylene development and its degrading effects on produce, we have built up unmatched knowledge and international commercial experience supporting growers, packers, retailers, exporters and marketers in their delivery of superior quality produce.

Today, we are extending our freshness science and partnering with like-minded innovators to deliver a broad range of Smarter Freshness integrated solutions to a wider range of produce applications.


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storage rooms serviced worldwide


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scientists and post‑harvest physiologists

Our Mission

We combine deep scientific knowledge with applied industry know-how to extend shelf life of the best-tasting produce, prevent food waste and conserve our planet’s resources.

Our Vision

To be the guardian of the world’s fresh produce

Our values

Third-party recognition of leadership and innovation

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