Harvista helps your orchard earn bigger, tastier returns

To get the best quality and biggest harvest out of your orchard, you need to gain more control over how and when your fruit ripens. With Harvista™ pre-harvest technology, control is part of the plan from the beginning. With a unique mode of action, you get better control of ethylene response—so fruit matures on your schedule, helping you expand the harvest window to keep fruit on the tree for optimal color, size and firmness. The result: better fruit quality and higher yields.

Enhances fruit
quality and value

  • Keep fruit on tree to reach optimal color and yield

  • Reduce prevalence of important specific storage disorders including watercore and soft scald

  • Deliver the fruit size, color, firmness and taste that consumers prefer

  • Bring greater consistency in maturity for improved storage performance

Opens new
harvest flexibility

  • Schedule harvest to optimize quality and manage labor more efficiently

  • Target specific blocks and varieties to elevate premium quality

  • Bring consistent, high-quality fruit to storage

Harvista technology is the right pick for these crops:

Globally recognized and registered

AgroFresh is committed to the regulations of each country. So far, registrations have been obtained in over 70 countries worldwide. Registrations include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union*. As worldwide demand for our products and services continues to grow, AgroFresh continuously seeks new registrations.

*Always confirm that a product is approved for use on a specific crop in your territory of interest.

Country Technology Crop

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