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    Investor Contact

    Jeff Sonnek
    Jeff SonnekAgroFresh Investor Relations
    646 277 1263

    Media Contact

    ICRMichael Wolfe
    203 682 8278

    Local Contacts

    Europe/ Middle East/ Africa

    Jochen Kager
    Jochen KagerEurope, Africa and Middle East Commercial Director
    +39 335 809 4691
    Julián Herraiz
    Julián HerraizGeneral Manager, Citrus Category
    +34 696 268 811

    North America

    Paul Nelson
    Paul NelsonNorth America Commercial Director – Pome Fruit
    509 860 2400
    Fernando Edagi
    Fernando EdagiNorth America Commercial Development Manager – Citrus, Stone Fruit, and Specialty Crops
    530 304 3473

    Latin America

    Narciso Vivot
    Narciso VivotCommercial Director, Business Diversification and LAR
    +1 954 599 8977

    Asia Pacific

    Nick Sanders
    Nick SandersAsia Pacific Commercial Director – Pome Fruit and Specialty Crops
    +61 3 59 444 117

    Customer resources for Africa and Middle East region

    Wehan Groenewald, Commercial Director
    Wehan Groenewald, Commercial DirectorSouth Africa, Kenya & Israel
    +27 824534933
    Dervis Sefa Bakırdöven, Account Manager
    Dervis Sefa Bakırdöven, Account ManagerTurkey, Instambul
    Tarek Madani, Commercial Director
    Tarek Madani, Commercial DirectorMorocco

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