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Start making smarter decisions with the FreshCloud platform, our next-gen solution for end-to-end visibility through fruit storage and distribution

Imagine the efficiency gains if you had a clear picture of every bin’s condition as it travels through the supply chain. Picture how much waste you could prevent if you had the data-driven insights you need to prevent potential quality issues. Now with the FreshCloud technology platform from AgroFresh, the answers are finally at hand for growers, packers and retailers.

Combining unique sensor technology, internet connectivity, data analytics, disorder screenings and decades of AgroFresh plant physiology expertise, FreshCloud is the first full solution that can provide powerful insight into your produce quality, every step of the way from harvest to the retail shelves. All so that you can make the smartest decisions for your fruit—and your business.

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Choose the FreshCloud solution ideal for your operation

Fruit health screening. Storage room monitoring. Continuous temperature tracking. Now all together in one integrated platform.

FreshCloud Predictive Screening

When you know your Honeycrisp apples’ susceptibility to soft scald and bitter pit, you can take the right measures to enhance fruit quality and make the right inventory decisions. That’s the idea behind FreshCloud Predictive Screening—a unique, biomarker screening available only from AgroFresh. By measuring your crops’ potential for disorders, you gain the predictive power to help reduce storage losses, increase packouts and maximize the value of your premium Honeycrisp apples.

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FreshCloud Storage Insights

FreshCloud Storage Insights helps you monitor your fruit in storage for smarter marketing and inventory decisions and added peace of mind. Developed with our strong fruit physiology knowledge base, this breakthrough monitoring and analysis service utilizes dynamic sampling points during storage, unique multifactorial storage diagnostics and state-of-the-art analytical equipment to allow you to detect issues earlier, anticipate room opening and reduce waste.

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FreshCloud Transit Insights

Add our FreshCloud Transit Insights service to track conditions of your bins from the farm all the way to the retail store—minus the usual wires, readers and hassles. Powered by the first sensor pods smart enough to translate recorded temperature conditions into continuous quality information, Transit Insights arms you with the actionable information you need to cut losses in the supply chain and maximize the final quality of your products.

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