From storage to packout, Smarter Freshness gives your produce an edge

Post-harvest solutions to optimize quality, boost value and reach new markets

In storage rooms and distribution centers worldwide, our Smarter Freshness solutions are a preferred choice to lock in just-picked quality and firmness, improve color, maximize packout, and expand reach into new markets and geographies. Explore more below to learn about how our advanced technologies and services can make it happen for you.

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Solutions for storage, packing and distribution

Helping your produce and ornamentals be their very best

ActiMist Fungicide
ActiMist™ | Post-harvest

Deliver fungicide faster and more conveniently through thermofogging

ActiSeal Fungicide
ActiSeal® | Post-harvest

Broad-spectrum liquid fungicides from your trusted experts at AgroFresh

Control-Tec® | Post-harvest

Automated post-harvest equipment for plant protection products, recycling, degreening, ripening, storage and astringency removal

EthylBloc Logo
EthylBloc™ | Post-harvest

Keeps flowers and plants fresh from the field during shipping and distribution

FreshCloud Inspection
FreshCloud™ Inspection

Proprietary cloud-based mobile quality management service that digitizes the formerly manual quality control process by capturing, organizing and analyzing quality metrics in real time.

FreshCloud Storage
FreshCloud™ Storage | Post-harvest

Optimize fruit storage with proprietary dynamic sampling points technology and analytics

FreshStart™ Detergents | Post-harvest

Ensure the cleanliness of your produce and packing lines with biodegradable detergents

FreshStart™ Disinfectants | Post-harvest

Decrease contaminants in water treatment and help make water recycling more efficient and less costly.

SmartFresh™ | Post-harvest

Maintain fruit quality post-harvest during storage and transport

Teycer Originals
Teycer™ Originals | Post-harvest

A full range of waxes and coatings, with and without fungicides, that increase brightness, reduce perspiration and slow aging

VitaFresh Botanicals
VitaFresh Botanicals | Post-harvest

Plant-based edible coatings. Excellent to extend produce shelf life and reduce food loss. Turnkey, easy-to-apply and sustainable.

More Disinfectants | Post-harvest

Our lineup of our most effective partner disinfectant solutions

More Fungicides | Post-harvest

Our lineup of our most effective partner fungicide solutions

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