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TextarTM, additional Smarter Freshness solutions for your expanding produce quality needs

To keep advancing freshness, AgroFresh is continually adding new technologies to address our customers’ varied needs across the produce value chain. Here are a few of our latest additions to our technology offerings.

Flexible ripening control with TextarTM ethylene absorbers

For convenience and flexibility in ethylene control, look to our Textar ethylene absorbers. Easily incorporated into your storage rooms and packed fruit boxes, they provide effective ripening control to protect the quality, color and texture of your produce.

  • Provides convenient control of ripening from the packing house all the way to retail distribution

  • Absorbers for storage rooms integrate with our Control-Tec™ systems

  • Post-harvest product compatible with EU organic production standards

  • Available: Textar Absorber Filter

Leave the foam problems behind with food-grade TextarTM antifoams

Foaming issues in your produce tanks or drenchers can negatively impact production efficiency, productivity and cost. These non-ionic emulsions of food-grade silicone are formulated to help packers of fruits and vegetables safely and effectively reduce problems with foam to keep lines moving at full speed.

  • Formulated specially for food-grade applications

  • Available in two formats, 250ml and 10l

Regulate pH levels with TextarTM Secure

Use this sodium hydrogen carbonate formulation to keep the water used in your drench tanks, sprayers and other places in your processing line at the proper pH for effective post-harvest treatment.

  • Formulated with food-grade products to regulate the pH of the water used post-harvest in food industry applications

  • Compatible with EU organic production standards

  • For use in drenchers and tanks

Preservation and fruit healing with TextarTM Preserve

Product formulated with Food additives designed to improve the preservation of citrus fruits. Due to the preservative power and healing of Potassium sorbate, it is especially suitable for complementing traditional phytosanitary applications

  • For use in drenchers, tanks and spraying

Lubrication for the surface of the manufacturing lines with TextarTM Slider

Formulated with food grade ingredients, specially designed to minimize damage on the skin of the fruit due to its friction with the surfaces, providing an optimal degree of lubrication to favor the passage of the fruit through the conveyor belts.

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