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AgroFresh solutions for tomatoes

Control-Tec® | Post-harvest

Automated post-harvest equipment for plant protection products, recycling, degreening, ripening, storage and astringency removal

FreshCloud Inspection
FreshCloud™ Inspection

Proprietary cloud-based mobile quality management service that digitizes the formerly manual quality control process by capturing, organizing and analyzing quality metrics in real time.

FreshStart™ Disinfectants | Post-harvest

Sanitation and disinfection solutions for citrus, tomatoes and peppers

FreshStart™ Detergents | Post-harvest

Ensure the cleanliness of your produce and packing lines with biodegradable detergents

LandSpring™ | Pre-harvest

Lessens susceptibility to disease and increases yield for better seedling survival


Revolutionize the preservation of Roma and Rosa tomatoes with Tomasys, the groundbreaking laminated sheet that harnesses the power of SO2 generation.

SmartFresh™ | Post-harvest

Maintain fruit quality post-harvest during storage and transport

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