AgroFresh + Tessara logos

AgroFresh and Tessara are now one, having come together to offer more freshness solutions for more crops in more regions.

Combining Tessara’s intelligent packaging solutions with the AgroFresh all-angles approach that includes a full suite of Smarter Freshness tools, we now offer our customers more ways than ever to sustainably reduce food waste and deliver and abundant supply of fresh produce around the world.

And as much as our acquisition of Tessara impacts today, the future looks even brighter. Expansion of our Research & Development capabilities and expertise means that we can now expedite new product development that answers the real challenges of our customers today and into tomorrow.

Now, we are even better. Now, we are even stronger. And now we have even more to help build a fresher future for our customers, for the supply chain and for the world.

Learn more about the new products now part of the AgroFresh suite of solutions below.