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SmartFresh enables just-picked quality all the way to the consumer

As consumer demand for higher-quality, fresher produce rises, retailers in turn demand the same from growers and packers. To help you meet the challenge, SmartFresh™ technology works with your quality-management program to help you deliver consistently better produce and capture key advantages and benefits. Optimizing returns, saving energy and improving peak freshness, SmartFresh™ enhances your storage systems to help you deliver on your customers’ high expectations—and deliver your freshest produce further.

Puts ripening “on hold” to boost your storage potential

The award-winning technology’s active ingredient, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), is similar to ethylene, a naturally occurring hormone that causes fruit to ripen. SmartFresh™ interacts with ethylene-sensitive sites in the fruit to manage its response to internal and external ethylene sources. This puts the ripening process “on hold” so that softening and over-ripening occur much more slowly.

Effective for a wide variety of crops

SmartFresh™ has long been providing real advantages for growers, packers, retailers and consumers of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables—and you can put our technology and service to work for your business in a number of ways. For example, SmartFresh helps control bruising and scald in pears, maintains acidity in plums and helps limit decay in melons.

Open new, longer distance markets

SmartFresh™ technology is especially valuable for transporting produce over long distances, maintaining freshness longer to satisfy customers, reduce waste and even allow access to new, more distant markets.

Simple, convenient application options

SmartFresh™ offers convenient application options to fit the needs of your operation, from our full-service SmartFresh™ Quality System for larger operations, to convenient ProTabs, InBox and SmartTabs™ for do-it-yourself application. Your AgroFresh representative will help you choose the right application for your situation.

Includes AgroFresh Verified for confirmed proper application

Included as part of the SmartFresh™ Quality System, our AgroFresh Verified analysis/reporting service enables you to have confirmation of a successful application. Through our in-house testing labs, we bring you fast results in days so that you can confirm the correct application process was executed to AgroFresh standards and that no issues were encountered.

Benefits the environment

SmartFresh helps customers preserve the earth’s resources and minimize their footprint as the technology has made the supply chain for apples more sustainable by reducing over 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions out of the air in the U.S., France and Italy. In other countries throughout the world, SmartFresh has reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 342,000 tonnes.*

*Extrapolation from 2015-2018 for SmartFresh markets outside of the US, France and Italy

Choose the SmartFresh™ Quality System delivery format ideal for your operation

For an operation of any size, on any budget, we have a way to make SmartFresh work for you.

If you are an AgroFresh customer in the U.S. or in Australia and New Zealand, you can order from one of our online stores.

  • For large, traditional storage facilities
  • Full-service solution

  • For traditional storage facilities
  • Full-service or customer- applied solution

  • For retailer or third- party ripening rooms
  • Customer-applied solution

  • For small rooms and transport trailers/shipping containers
  • Convenient, easy-to-use self-application

  • For transport boxes/reusable containers (RPCs)
  • Convenient, flexible, easy-to-use self-application

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