From packing lines to research labs, Control-Tec® leads the way in post-harvest treatment equipment

Integrating detergents, disinfectants, waxes and fungicides into your packing lines. Researching fruit physiology in precision-controlled chambers. Saving time with turnkey control solutions for storage facilities. Cutting water use and product consumption across your operation.

Thanks to innovative Control-Tec equipment from AgroFresh, produce pros worldwide are making their post-harvest activities as fruitful as possible—in all kinds of ways. Learn more about key Control-Tec products below, originally brought to you by the innovators and experts in produce preservation equipment at Tecnidex.

Control-Tec DOS

Application and dosage of fruit treatments and coatings

Control-Tec DOS D

Drencher system for arriving fruit on palettes of bins or boxes

  • Allows immediate and optimal treatment of the fruit as they arrive at the packhouse

  • Robust stainless-steel construction improves ease of use and maintenance

  • Configured to your specifications to enable fast, efficient treatment of large quantities of fruit

Control-Tec DPF

Proportional dosage system for fungicide drenchers and tanks

  • Maintains concentration at programmed levels during the entire application for most effective application of post-harvest treatments

  • Reduces water and product usage by adjusting to the quantity of treated fruit

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and touch screen with automatic registration of application parameters

Control-Tec DOS PCD
Control-Tec DOS PCaD

Automated spraying system for disinfection of packhouses and chambers

  • Automated system enables disinfection anytime, without relying on the availability of personnel or other resources

  • Provides optimal disinfection of atmospheres and surfaces of the packinghouse and the chambers, using fixed equipment installed in the plant

  • Enables scheduling disinfection to coincide with absence of people or fruit

Control-Tec DOS PLD

Precision detergent application for your packing line

  • Automatically detects the fruit passing through the line of treatment to deliver consistent application of the required dose of detergent necessary to wash the fruit

  • Adaptable to any line width, uses foam curtain or nozzle

Control-Tec DOS PLB

Application equipment for rinsing and disinfection of fruits and vegetables in the packing lines

  • Automatically detects fruit passing through the line of treatment to ensure the full rinse and disinfecting of the fruit and the washing machine

  • Adaptable to any line width

Control-Tec DOS PLF /
Control-Tec DOS PLC

System for spray application of fungicides, waxes and fruit coatings on the packing line

  • Delivers accurate and consistent application to the fruit

  • Intelligent control allows regulation, programming and recording of the entire process, to ensure maximum quality and safety; intuitive touch screen for easy interaction

  • Graduated agitator tank ensures a homogeneous mixture of the treatment products

  • Adaptable to your needs; available with a variety of fixed or installed nozzles on push-pull cart

Control-Tec DOS PLCi bypass

Enables two treatment options in the same packing line

  • Make the most of your space and gain flexibility

  • Tilt table system allows two different modes: Both upper and bottom application; or upper application with rollers or belt on bottom


The most advanced technology for optimal dosage of coatings and waxes

  • Measures the flow of fruit at the entrance of the application equipment to accurately apply dosages in proportion to actual fruit volume

  • Solves application problems caused by variances in volume of fruit coming into the applicator

Control-Tec DOS SOFT CPL

Displays, records and manages all post-harvest plant protection applications in your operation

  • Provides centralized management of all post-harvest applications in the packhouse

  • Designed to guarantee traceability and food safety in real time

  • Records all the treatments for real-time registration

Control-Tec ECO

Reduction, recycling and treatment of waste water

Control-Tec ECO L2

The smart way to cut water consumption during washing, disinfection and rinsing

  • Sustainable system reduces water use up to 90% compared to conventional systems

Control-Tec ECO R1

Reuse waste water from drenchers and tanks

  • Employs the latest filtration technology to purge particles, solids and organic matter from waste water through a programmed operation

  • Clarifies mixtures for reuse to minimize discharges and better utilize treatment products

Control-Tec CAM

Specialized chambers for degreening, storage, ripening, astringency removal and research

Control-Tec CAM C

Automatic control and management of environmental parameters for degreening, ripening and storage

  • System continuously measures temperature, humidity and CO2, automatically adjusting levels of ethylene and analyzing CO2 in the chamber to match programmed parameters

  • Maintains optimal levels for unique physiology of the produce to achieve maximum quality

Control-Tec CAM D

Automatically regulates heat, humidity and ethylene in degreening and ripening chambers

  • Controls and adjusts temperature and relative humidity (RH) per scheduled intervals, adjusting ethylene and controlling CO2 to maximize produce quality

  • Utilizes temperature and RH probes, air heaters, spray nozzles, and air recirculation and extraction systems to provide precise regulation of chamber conditions

Control-Tec CAM SOFT

Display, record and manage all chamber processes from a centralized control point

  • Provides total control over conservation, degreening, ripening and astringency removal processes in your chambers

  • View and control the environmental parameters of chambers at any time and from any compatible electronic device

Control-Tec CAM KAKI

The only safe technology for persimmon astringency removal

  • Provides total control over conservation, degreening, ripening and astringency removal processes in your chambers

  • View and control the environmental parameters of chambers at any time and from any compatible electronic device


Advanced controlled atmosphere cabin technology for food research

  • Research and experimentation cabins provide ultimate atmosphere control for fruits, vegetables and other foods

  • Easily combine different variables involved with fruit and vegetable processes (e.g., gas concentrations, temperature, RH), with visual monitoring and recording of all parameters

Control-Tec CAM PURE AIR

The latest technology to improve fruit storage without residues

  • Purifies the air in the storage room atmosphere, reducing bacteria and fungal spores

  • Special germicide technology means no additional fruit residues

Control-Tec solutions make a difference for these crops

Globally recognized and registered

AgroFresh is committed to the regulations of each country. So far, registrations have been obtained in over 70 countries worldwide. Registrations include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union*. As worldwide demand for our products and services continues to grow, AgroFresh continuously seeks new registrations.

*Always confirm that a product is approved for use on a specific crop in your territory of interest.

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