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EthylBloc extends freshness of your flowers and plants

Estimated to cause up to 30% of all floriculture losses, ethylene is a major problem for ornamentals. If left unchecked, it can degrade your flowers and plants by accelerating processes like flowering, wilting and abscission of leaves, buds, flowers and petals. EthylBloc™ technology gives you a proven way to fight back—through an ethylene action inhibitor that works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresher during shipping and distribution.

Proven benefits for outstanding ornamentals

  • Increases flower life up to 300%

  • Ideal for treatment of flowers and plants in airtight spaces during shipping and air/truck transport

  • Reduces ethylene-induced flower, bud and leaf drop

  • Contributes to eliminating leaf yellowing

  • Inhibits opening and wilting of flowers caused by ethylene

  • Effective in both refrigerated and room-temperature conditions

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