Optimize room opening with real-time data.

Season-long, real-time monitoring of your fruit in storage is the latest addition to the AgroFresh post-harvest portfolio for apples and pears — and it’s integrated into our FreshCloud™ digital quality platform.

Real-time data.

Anticipate room openings.

Reduce waste.


Wireless sensors monitor ethylene, CO2, O2, temperature and humidity in the CA room throughout the season. By using sensor data to predict the maturity of the room, and displaying real-time, personalized packing orders on a convenient dashboard, Strella helps packers open the right room at the right time.


Drop wireless sensors into your CA room, connect a gateway and view live maturity-based recommendations through FreshCloud™ to optimize the marketable value of your fruit and reduce waste.

Improve packouts by predicting controlled atmosphere room open order.

AgroFresh is the exclusive global distribution and license partner with Strella for the apple and pear segment

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Bring the benefits of real-time storage monitoring to your crop.