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LandSpring eases transplant shock for higher potential yields

Early environmental stresses like heat, cold, salinity and UV rays can take their toll on plant seedlings. But what if you could block the plant from sensing these stressors, to help them establish sooner and ultimately generate more abundant, higher-quality yields? LandSpring™ technology makes it happen. When applied one to five days before transplant, it counteracts stress effects to help tomatoes, melons and other crops establish more quickly with better resilience against environmental conditions—to give you the best chance of a more bountiful harvest. If you are an AgroFresh customer in the U.S. you can order from our online store here.

Results you can see

  • Higher yields and seedling survival rates

  • Better seedling establishment

  • Greater biomass and leaf area

  • Faster root establishment

  • Reduced disease incidence

  • Watch LandSpring in action here

Easy, flexible and safe applications

  • Aligns with standard production and crop-protection practices

  • For use in plant house sprayer and injection systems

  • Favorable safety profile

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Protects your investments

  • Greater yield, revenue and profit potential

  • Higher return on existing production investment

LandSpring technology is the right pick for these crops:

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