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Plant-based coatings

“Natural-Powered Life Extension for Fruit”

VitaFreshTM Botanicals is a proprietary, plant-based portfolio of fruit protection solutions for a wide variety of crops from citrus to avocados to mangos.

Our plant-based edible coatings offer new opportunities for retailers, helping to influence consumers’ enjoyment of fresh, tasty produce. They are turnkey and easy-to-apply, as part of regular packinghouse operations. AgroFresh provides customers with all the necessary application equipment and expertise.

VitaFresh Botanicals coatings have exceptional quality, thanks in part to our ISO 9001 “quality management system” certification, and provide an array of functional fruit protection benefits.  Our coatings are sustainable and created using certified ISO 14001 “environmental management system” standards. VitaFresh Botanicals represents another step forward in AgroFresh’s decades-long commitment to providing the most innovative solutions to extend produce shelf life, reduce food loss/food waste and deliver superior eating experiences to consumers.

  • Benefits for packers

    • No packing line modifications are required
    • Application flexibility: spraying and dipping
    • Extend shelf-life: delays ripening, reduces dehydration and weight loss
    • Protective effect: control growth of pathogens
    • Energy savings: full drying within minutes
    • Reduce food loss
  • Benefits for retailers and distributors

    • Maintain fruit quality between harvest and store arrival
    • Extend retail shelf-life
    • Maintain quality and healthier appearance
    • Reduce food waste
  • Benefits for consumers

    • Based on plant extracts
    • Easier than ever to enjoy fresh, tasty produce (no impact on taste, flavor or aroma)
    • Longer shelf life at home
    • Improved appearance of fruit

Plant-based coatings

VitaFreshTM Botanicals – Life Select

Vegan Label
USDA Organic
VitaFreshTM Botanicals – Life Select

VitaFreshTM Botanicals – Life Ultra

VitaFresh Botanicals Ultra Life

VitaFreshTM Botanicals – Protect

VitaFreshTM Botanicals – SoftFruit

Vegan Label
VitaFreshTM Botanicals – SoftFruit

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