Gain an advantage for a more productive harvest

Do what’s right for the produce, your people, and your business with our solutions for growers

For steady profitability—and the continued success of your business—you need effective pre-harvest treatments that can provide more flexibility, boost yields and lower overall costs. With Smarter Freshness science, you can gain the edge you need to overcome transplant stress, manage the harvest window to reduce costs, and improve the size, color and potential of your produce.

Our technologies for growers

Helping orchards, farms and growing fields stay ahead

Harvista™ | Pre-harvest

Enhance peak ripening, fruit quality and harvest management

FreshCloud™ Harvest View | Pre-harvest

Digitized starch analysis for faster fruit maturity assessment

LandSpring™ | Pre-harvest

Mitigate transplant stress and improve yields on seedlings

RipeLock™ | Post-harvest

Optimal and custom packaging for your produce to deliver better consumer experience

FreshCloud™ Quality Inspection | Post-harvest

Cloud-based service for optimized produce quality decision-making

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