AgroFresh invests in new systems to help growers maximize fruit quality

option to make it easier for apple and pear growers to gain the fruit quality benefits of Harvista™ pre-harvest technology. Tractor-pulled ground sprayers are now available to allow growers to self-apply Harvista.

With the new customized ground spray system, growers have the flexibility to time Harvista application for best results and adjust spray schedules to meet their operations’ needs. Growers also have the option of working with experienced AgroFresh technicians to arrange for timely custom application on their orchards.
The new Turbomist sprayers available from AgroFresh are designed specifically for Harvista applications and built by Slimline Manufacturing Ltd., Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Special canisters deliver the product just ahead of the spray nozzles for greater effectiveness.

“This grower-applied option is another investment by AgroFresh to help the industry achieve better fruit quality and increased value at harvest. Applying Harvista allows growers to pick fruit at peak color, size and pressure for greater return on investment,” said Mark Hooper, global brand leader, AgroFresh.
For growers who prefer aerial application, Harvista may be applied by helicopter.

In addition to assisting with application options, AgroFresh representatives work with customers to evaluate fruit maturity, block by block and variety by variety, to determine the best time to apply Harvista for optimal results.

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