Equipment Helps Achieve Over 70% Annual Water Savings


PHILADELPHIA, May 30, 2024 – Fontestad, a renowned family business in the handling and distribution of citrus fruit, is proud to announce its continued commitment to sustainability through the implementation of the innovative AgroFresh Control-Tec™ Eco system. This cutting-edge technology comes at a significant time, to help navigate limited water resources during the ongoing drought in Spain, enabling Fontestad to significantly reduce water consumption in its fruit washing process, demonstrating its dedication to environmental stewardship and resource efficiency.


Francisco Arastey Mercader, Technical Manager at Fontestad, emphasized the company’s holistic approach to sustainability, stating, “Fontestad has consolidated its commitment to sustainability through a comprehensive plan, which encompasses seven areas of environmental management. From water management to the reduction of atmospheric emissions, the company is implementing concrete measures to preserve the planet’s resources and reduce its environmental footprint.”


Arastey further highlighted the significant impact of Control-Tec Eco on water consumption and conservation, stating, “This washing system has allowed us to achieve annual savings in water consumption of more than 70%. Working with Control-Tec Eco from AgroFresh has many advantages such as greater precision and consistency, as it is an automated system, it provides a precise and consistent dosing of product to help ensure that the right amounts are used in each washing and rinsing process. It also saves time and resources, as well as optimizing resources, which is not only beneficial from an economic perspective, but also from a sustainability and environmental care approach. At Fontestad, we will continue to seek and adopt innovative technologies that allow us to effectively conserve natural resources while maintaining the quality of our products.”


The advanced filtration and particle removal technology of Control-Tec Eco equipment allows Fontestad to separate and remove solids and organic matter, ensuring minimal water usage while maintaining effective fruit cleaning and disinfection. This system also automatically adjusts water flow rates, detergent, and biocide doses according to fruit production, optimizing resources and minimizing waste generation.


CAAE certification of our equipment reinforces the commitment AgroFresh and Fontestad have to sustainability and environmental responsibility, reassuring customers of our dedication to sustainable agricultural practices. Ian Mackellar, Chief Operations Officer at AgroFresh shared, “Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the solutions AgroFresh continues to bring customers across the post-harvest produce industry.  These solutions not only benefit customers like Fontestad but also contribute to environmental targets measured by our retailers.”


The AgroFresh Control-Tec Eco system is a testament to the company’s commitment to addressing the challenge of sustainability and contributing to the optimization of water management during post-harvest production. Fontestad looks forward to continuing its partnership with AgroFresh to further advance sustainability initiatives and promote environmental stewardship in the industry.


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About Fontestad
Fontestad is a family company of recognised prestige in the citrus fruit handling and distribution sector. The company currently has 50,000 m2 of facilities in Museros, Valencia for the packing of citrus fruit, as well as a presence in Mercamadrid and Perpignan, with a logistics centre.

Our annual production reaches 160 million kilos of citrus fruit, although our main objective is to guarantee the best quality fruit and service to our clients at all times.


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