SmartFreshTM SmartTabsTM and SmartFresh ProTabs Now Approved
for Use on Key Crops Grown in and Exported to Japan


Philadelphia, April 9, 2024 – AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in post-harvest solutions for fresh produce, is pleased to announce the approval by regulatory authorities in Japan of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), the active ingredient in SmartFresh, for use in broccoli and other key crops exported to Japan. This grants growers and exporters the option to now manage the quality of their produce using two products from the SmartFresh™ Quality System: SmartFresh SmartTabsTM and SmartFresh ProTabs. The measure represents a significant advance for the fresh produce industry, offering exporters an additional tool to help ensure the quality and freshness extension of fruit and vegetables during transportation and storage. This expansion also unlocks opportunity as broccoli is considered a highly valued crop and Japan represents a growing market for broccoli consumption.


“We understand broccoli will be added to the agriculture ministry’s list of important ‘designated vegetables’ that are consumed in mass quantities in Japan. We are excited to support local broccoli growers in bringing high-quality produce to market,” said Masami Shinozaki, Commercial Manager for AgroFresh in Japan.


“This approval in Japan is a significant milestone, opening new opportunities for exporters in Latin America,” said Narciso Vivot, Commercial Director of AgroFresh in Latin America. “We are excited to offer innovative solutions that not only address the high standards of product efficacy but also sustainably deliver an abundant supply of quality fresh produce around the world.”


SmartFresh technology helps to maintain the color, hydration and crispness of broccoli and many other approved crops, and extend its freshness, offering growers and packers increased flexibility in storage and transport and ultimately leading to increased revenue potential. Moreover, SmartFresh technology can eliminate the need for ice during transportation, reducing costs and environmental impact through water use and energy needs for cold storage.


AgroFresh pioneered the commercialization of 1-MCP in 2003, which has come to be known as its flagship product, SmartFresh. SmartFresh technology has already revolutionized the post-harvest treatment of numerous crops in Japan, including apple, pear, kiwifruit, persimmon and potato.


The approval for use on broccoli is the result of a review and update of freshness solution application use for produce. There are currently 14 vegetables, on Japan’s list of “designated vegetables.”


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