Invitation-Only Event to Feature Leading Apple Experts from Washington State University


PHILADELPHIA, May 7, 2024AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in post-harvest solutions for fresh produce, together with recently acquired Pace International, will host the 2024 Post-Harvest Academy on Wednesday, May 8, in Cle Elum, Washington. This year’s invitation-only event will focus on the apple industry and feature leading industry voices from Washington State University among other distinguished presenters.


The agenda at the 2024 event will include key topics, such as emerging diseases and internal disorders in apples, navigating organic regulations and the role of ethylene management in apple quality.


Featured presenters from Washington State University include Dr. Carolina Torres, Associate Professor, Endowed Chair in Postharvest Systems and Achour Amiri, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology. Additional speakers include Desmond O’Rourke, President, Belrose, Inc., Simone Seifert-Higgins, Regulatory Manager, AgroFresh and Jim Spadafora, Director, Global Product Development, AgroFresh.


Desmond O’Rourke’s upcoming presentation, titled “Coping with a Changing World” promises to provide valuable industry insights as he conducts his annual marketing analysis of deciduous fruits worldwide. Belrose, Inc. is renowned for publications such as the World Apple Review, World Pear Review, World Kiwifruit Review and World Sweet Cherry Review. O’Rourke emphasizes, “To overcome future challenges and exploit opportunities, the Northwest fruit industry needs to develop a much more comprehensive database on its supply, orchard, packing and marketing system to effectively address future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”


The event will conclude with a future-focused panel discussion on empowering the digital transformation in individual operations.


“The acquisition of Pace International by AgroFresh in March provided an exciting opportunity to continue the tradition of the Post-Harvest Academy for a 12th consecutive year,” said Rodrigo Cifuentes, recently named Regional Commercial Director, North America of AgroFresh. “We eagerly anticipate the exceptional learning—and important engagement—that will occur at this year’s event.”




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