SmartFresh InBox delivers powerful produce freshness protection in small, portable system

Philadelphia – September 10, 2018 – AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGFS), a global leader in produce freshness solutions, today announced the launch of SmartFresh™ InBox to its U.S. customers. SmartFresh InBox delivers AgroFresh’s time-tested SmartFresh technology in a compact solution for greater flexibility.

SmartFresh technology has provided tangible benefits for growers, packers and retailers for nearly two decades. Grounded in the most advanced plant physiology science, SmartFresh works with the fruit or vegetable’s natural ripening process, halting the ripening process to extend the produce’s just-picked freshness.

“Our aim is to support our customers in providing high-quality fresh produce to more consumers around the world and to help them decrease food waste,” said AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre. “SmartFresh InBox is our latest innovation to help growers overcome challenges and supply fresh, healthy produce to their customers.”

The convenient SmartFresh InBox sachets are easy to apply and handle, offering effective protection from internal and external threats to freshness, increasing shelf life and ultimately reducing fruit and vegetable shrinkage and improving profits for growers. Studies show SmartFresh InBox has a significant effect on firmness after short storage and shelf life.

SmartFresh InBox expands the availability of the award-winning SmartFresh technology for growers without an airtight room or who require a smaller, more accessible option.

“At AgroFresh, we are committed to growers’ success and work closely with them to develop and provide tailored solutions to fit their specific needs,” said Veronika Mangin, global core portfolio project lead at AgroFresh. “SmartFresh InBox is the latest example of our long-term collaboration with growers. It’s a small, easy to administer yet powerful treatment that prolongs freshness.”

SmartFresh InBox is registered in all U.S. states except California on apple, pear, plum, kiwifruit, persimmon, broccoli and tomato crops. In California, SmartFresh InBox is registered on kiwifruit.

Learn more about SmartFresh and the rest of AgroFresh’s portfolio of post-harvest solutions or contact an AgroFresh representative in your region.

About AgroFresh

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: AGFS) is a global leader in delivering innovative food preservation and waste reduction solutions for fresh produce. The Company is empowering the food industry with Smarter Freshness, a range of integrated solutions designed to help growers, packers and retailers improve produce freshness and quality, and reduce waste. AgroFresh’s solutions range from pre-harvest with HarvistaTM and LandSpringTM to its marquee SmartFreshTM Quality System, which includes SmartFresh, AdvanStoreTM and ActiMistTM, working together to maintain the quality of stored produce. AgroFresh also has a controlling interest in Tecnidex, a leading provider of post-harvest fungicides, waxes, coatings and biocides for the citrus market, including TextarTM and TeycerTM. Additionally, the Company’s initial retail solution, RipeLockTM, optimizes banana ripening for the benefit of retailers and consumers. AgroFresh has key products registered in over 45 countries, with approximately 3,700 direct customers and services over 25,000 storage rooms globally. For more information, please visit