Exclusive sensor technology provides peace of mind for growers and packers during produce storage.

Philadelphia – September 21, 2018 – Produce growers and packers now have increased visibility to monitor produce in storage thanks to AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AGFS) FreshCloud™ Storage Insights powered by AdvanStore™ technology.

Gaining visibility to unique data and insight into storage rooms empowers customers to make more informed inventory and marketing decisions. FreshCloud™ Storage Insights is one of the first three core offerings of FreshCloud, AgroFresh’s groundbreaking predictive technology platform for growers, packers and retailers.

FreshCloud Storage Insights offers growers and packers a unique look into the health of their storage rooms, enabling them to predict and address problems through smarter inventory management. Proprietary algorithms and sensor technology, coupled with advanced analytics, optimize produce storage by providing actionable data to inform go-to-market decisions. Building on the legacy of AgroFresh’s former AdvanStore offering, FreshCloud Storage Insights makes storage room data more actionable by providing access to data anytime, anywhere through a more sophisticated delivery interface.

“FreshCloud Storage Insights utilizes proprietary sensor technology and analytics to provide visibility and data about the health of produce inside storage rooms, allowing our customers to make smarter, timelier decisions,” said Dan MacLean, Ph.D., global research and development leader at AgroFresh. “Fruit is often stored in a cold room for months with little insight until the opening. Storage Insights solves this long-standing problem for growers and packers by giving them unique insight into the storage room health and enables them to predict and fix problems.”

FreshCloud Storage Insights customers can access storage room data on the FreshCloud platform. Data can be segmented by produce variety, company facilities and even specific storage rooms. Customers can also compare their own storage room data to regional and national averages to determine how well their storage rooms perform. Automated notifications alert Storage Insights customers of trigger points that may signal potential issues.

“FreshCloud Storage Insights is the latest way we’re helping our customers overcome obstacles to delivering the highest quality produce to consumers,” said AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre. “FreshCloud Storage Insights equips growers and packers with timely information to make the best choices for their customers, their profits and the planet.”

This announcement follows the information the company shared about FreshCloud Predictive Screening earlier this week. AgroFresh plans to share more information about FreshCloud Transit Insights in the coming weeks.

Learn more about Storage Insights and the entire FreshCloud platform, as well as AgroFresh’s other produce freshness solutions.

About AgroFresh

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGFS) is a global leader in delivering innovative food preservation and waste reduction solutions for fresh produce. The company is empowering the food industry with Smarter Freshness, a range of integrated solutions designed to help growers, packers and retailers improve produce freshness and quality, reducing waste. AgroFresh’s solutions range from pre-harvest with Harvista™ and LandSpring™ to its marquis SmartFresh™ Quality System, which includes SmartFresh™, AdvanStore™ and ActiMist™, working together to maintain the quality of stored produce. AgroFresh has a controlling interest in TECNIDEX, a leading provider of post-harvest fungicides, waxes and biocides for the citrus market. Additionally, the company’s initial retail solution, RipeLock™, optimizes banana ripening for the benefit of retailers and consumers. AgroFresh has key products registered in over 45 countries, with approximately 3,000 direct customers and services over 25,000 storage rooms globally. For more information, please visit www.agrofresh.com.