European Apple Industry Recognizes Breakthrough SmartFreshSM Quality System with Double Gold Trophies

February 2006 — AgroFresh, the Spring House PA-based maker of the SmartFreshSM Quality System announced today that it has received two prestigious French industry awards for innovation. The state-of-the-art storage solution is widely acknowledged as a breakthrough technology because it safely maintains quality so consumers can consistently enjoy ready access to the great taste and health benefits of apples and other produce regardless of season. The first trophy, the SIVAL d’Or — or Golden Award — was presented to SmartFresh at a ceremony held in early January at the SIVAL 2006 Show in Angers, France. SmartFresh will receive a second gold trophy, the Médaille d’Or, at the SIFEL trade show in Agen, France next month (March 14-16).

SIVAL is the most important and influential trade group for the French apple industry and accordingly the SIVAL d’Or — awarded annually at their trade show in the Loire Valley — is the highest honor a company can receive for its contributions. AgroFresh, maker of the SmartFresh Quality System, received the trophy for its SmartFresh Quality System which SIVAL recognized as “the most innovative and safety -focused technology in the apple industry”. In a recent announcement by SIFEL, another prominent French apple industry trade group, SmartFresh was again recognized for innovation with the Médaille d’Or which will be presented during next month’s exhibition in the Southwest of France.

The SmartFresh Quality System is a breakthrough in fruit storage and shipping technology and works by boosting fruit’s natural resistance to over-ripening triggers. The technology enhances cold storage methods that have been in use for over 40 years, and by managing the naturally-occurring plant substance ethylene, safely protects apples and other fruits from the usual loss of quality so consumers can enjoy produce with peak flavor and texture regardless of season.

SIVAL organizes its awards in different categories, and therefore presented AgroFresh with its SIVAL d’Or in the “arboriculture” group which applies to the apple tree industry. To win the award, AgroFresh first had to pass the hurdle of a pre-selection committee, after which it presented the SmartFresh Quality technology before a full jury composed of scientists, researchers, and professional journalists. In the case of the Médaille d’Or, SmartFresh underwent a similarly arduous process before learning it had successfully captured the coveted gold trophy for innovation.

“We are delighted and gratified that we have won the SIVAL d’Or and SIFEL d’Or awards,” said John Buckley, President of AgroFresh. “It’s a clear signal that SmartFresh, an exciting and innovative technology, has yielded strong results in the European marketplace just as it has here in the United States.” According to Buckley, the two awards also help advance the AgroFresh company mission which is to provide consumers around the world with the freshest and best tasting fruits and vegetables available.

“This recognition is clear evidence of the value of the SmartFresh Quality System as a breakthrough for the French apple industry, as well the industry as a whole,” said Buckley. “The award reinforces not just how innovative, safe and environmentally-friendly our quality system is, but also the fact that consumers around the world prefer SmartFresh quality apples.”

Photo Captions:

Accepting the Sival d’Or award on behalf of AgroFresh at the ceremony held in early January at the SIVAL 2006 Show in Angers, Loire Valley, France was Jean-Christophe Leterme, AgroFresh Commercial Manager for France and the UK.

Jean-Christophe Leterme, AgroFresh Commercial Manager for France and the UK and Jonas Vérain, Account Manager for South West at the SmartFresh Sival exhibit.

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