PHILADELPHIA, October 11, 2023 – Today, AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., an AgTech innovator specializing in post-harvest produce freshness and quality solutions, announces a new strategic collaboration with Pagoda Group, the largest fruit retail operator in China. Through this collaboration, AgroFresh and Pagoda will jointly evaluate and develop post-harvest technologies to improve the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables and help reduce food waste in China.


“We are excited to collaborate with the incredible team at Pagoda as we expand our presence in China,” said Clint Lewis, CEO of AgroFresh. “By partnering with Pagoda, we will be able to expand our impact on the Chinese fresh produce industry, improve its post-harvest management solutions and further reduce food waste around the world.”


This announcement comes on the heels of AgroFresh’s expansion of its post-harvest portfolio of solutions with its acquisition of Tessara, an industry-leading provider of intelligent packaging solutions for preserving fresh produce, specializing in SO2 generating sheets to prevent decay in table grapes, berries, and flowers. Tessara has a global footprint and presence in China as well as other key fruit-growing regions such as South Africa, U.S. and Latin America.


AgroFresh’s senior leadership team, led by Lewis, held in-depth discussions with Huiyong Yu, the Founder and Chairman of Pagoda Group, Shan Yikang, Vice President and Senior Director of Strategic Development and Investment & Financing Center of Pagoda Group, and Pagoda Group’s quality control and post-harvest research and development team. During the meeting, AgroFresh and Pagoda signed a strategic technical collaboration.


“The missions and ideas of both AgroFresh and Pagoda are highly compatible,” noted Yu. “We are excited to invest across the produce supply chain with AgroFresh as we work toward a more sustainable food system. This consensus provides a good foundation for cooperation between the two parties and a unique opportunity to export more fruit from China.”


As a leader in the Chinese fresh produce industry, Pagoda has developed innovative solutions to ensure high standards and quality control. Pagoda’s expertise and experience in quality control and post-harvest management establishes a strong foundation for the two parties to enable further collaboration and identify business opportunities.


Currently, AgroFresh operates seven R&D centers worldwide and Pagoda operates two R&D centers in China.  AgroFresh plans to establish another R&D center in China through collaboration with Pagoda. With this cooperation, AgroFresh and Pagoda will further strengthen their expertise and capabilities in post-harvest quality and freshness solutions and drive the development of new innovations that will help to reduce produce loss and waste in China and beyond.


About AgroFresh

AgroFresh is an AgTech innovator and global leader with a mission to prevent food loss/waste and conserve the planet’s resources by providing a range of science-based solutions, data-driven digital technologies and high-touch customer services. AgroFresh supports growers, packers and retailers with solutions across the food supply chain to enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce. The AgroFresh organization has 40 years of post-harvest experience across a broad range of crops, including revolutionizing the apple industry with the SmartFresh™ Quality System for more than 20 years. This is powered by a comprehensive portfolio that includes plant-based coatings, equipment and proprietary solutions that help improve the freshness supply chain from harvest to the home. To learn more about AgroFresh, visit


About Pagoda

Shenzhen Pagoda Industrial (Group) Corporation Limited (Pagoda), established in 2001 in Shenzhen and listed on HKEX in January 2023, is a large chain enterprise integrating fruit procurement, planting support, post-harvest preservation, logistics storage, standard classification, marketing development, brand operation, store retail, information technology, and scientific research and education.


After over 20 years of strenuous effort, Pagoda has opened over 5,600 stores nationwide and partnered with a host of fruit supply bases at home and abroad. In 2021, it launched the vegetable brand Three Zero. With synergy of the entire supply chain, it takes aim at engaging over 74 million members nationwide in better fruit and fresh food and more impressive consumer experience.