Expanding your potential with a growing lineup of technologies

To deliver produce with the freshness and taste consumers demand, your quality program needs to take an end-to-end perspective—with proven technologies that work together at every stage. That’s the idea behind our lineup of Smarter Freshness technologies. With breakthrough thinking and new alliances, we’ve been expanding and adding to our flagship ethylene-control science to serve a wider variety of crops in more ways. From next-gen monitoring and analytics, to integrated fungicide thermofogging, to new citrus treatments, you have new and better ways help your produce business thrive.

Protecting your produce at every stage

Our growing lineup of technologies addresses your challenges from field to retail display

Pre-harvest technologies

for stronger yields and harvest efficiencies


Pre-harvest solution that allows growers to control peak ripeness for greater fruit quality, increased orchard revenue and more peace of mind.


Pre-transplant treatment mitigates transplant stress and improves yield on seedlings.

Post-harvest technologies

for control and management of quality during storage and transport


The innovation that provides consumers access to more produce options year-round, maintaining quality for a variety of fruits and vegetables during storage and transport.


The thermofogging standard for fungicide delivery, working simultaneously with SmartFresh to bring new convenience and premium advantages to storage rooms.


Unique controlled atmosphere storage platform that utilizes proprietary sensor technology and analytics to optimize fruit storage.


Works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresh from the field during shipping and distribution.

Tecnidex™ portfolio

For citrus, a full portfolio of fungicides, waxes and coatings to provide better disease control, slowed aging, and application flexibility during packing and storage.

Retail technologies

for attracting shoppers and growing sales


Optimal pre- and post-ripening protection for bananas and other produce to deliver a better consumer experience.

Globally recognized and registered

AgroFresh is committed to the regulations of each country. So far, registrations have been obtained in over 70 countries worldwide. Registrations include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union*. As worldwide demand for our products and services continues to grow, AgroFresh continuously seeks new registrations.

*Always confirm that a product is approved for use on a specific crop in your territory of interest.

Country Technology Crop

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