Insatiable Appetite interviews Jackson Kempker

2021-06-18T08:32:52-05:00June 18th, 2021|Tags: |

Jackson Kempker, Sales Development Manager at AgroFresh has been interviewed by Insatiable Appetite. He explains how various AgroFresh products and services are working to lessen food loss as well as conserve resources throughout the supply chain – improving both the look and appeal of fresh produce at retail. They also discuss some of the effects [...]

Leadership Reimagined interviews Clint Lewis

2021-06-24T10:12:09-05:00June 17th, 2021|Tags: |

Listen to our CEO Clinton Lewis interview to the Ellig Group podcast discussing how technology, innovation, and science is supporting to deliver safe and sustainable solutions that preserve the freshness of produce and minimize waste, directly impacting the consumer on a global scale. Listen the complete interview here.

Fruitbox interviews Carles Domenech about VitaFresh Botanicals

2021-06-17T08:38:45-05:00June 11th, 2021|Tags: |

Carles Doménech Rodríguez, Global Coatings & Disinfectants Product Lead at AgroFresh has been interviewed by Chris White to introduce VitaFresh Botanicals, a set of edible, plant-based coatings  for crops such as citrus, avocados and mangoes. “VitaFresh gives retailers a much stronger opportunity to market the best-quality products, and also to improve consumer satisfaction while increasing [...]

Good Makers interviews Kim Bui

2021-06-24T08:44:19-05:00May 19th, 2021|Tags: |

Using Data To Reduce Food Waste & Insecurity. Good Makers speaks with Kim Bui, Global Head of FreshCloud Infrastructure and Analytics for AgroFresh, about how we're using data and analytics to improve the supply chain from grower to retailer, and helping solve the waste issue. Kim also talks about how the idea for FreshCloud originated, [...]

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