The near-harvest solution, known for enhancing the value of apple and pears, now improves yield potential for cherries

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in produce freshness solutions, announced its near-harvest solution Harvista™ 1.3 SC is now approved for use for cherry growers in Turkey. This proven technology, already commercialized in the United States and Chile, prevents the negative effects of ethylene on flowers, extending the critical pollination window.

Harvista™ 1.3 SC is a growth regulator based on 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), which helps to delay the maturity process caused by ethylene. Its unique mode of action gives growers unmatched control over the ripening process. From securing fruit quality to better management of weather challenges and greater labor efficiency, Harvista™ 1.3 SC has proven to be a valuable tool for apple and pear growers around the world and has been commercialized with great success in both the northern and southern hemispheres. When applied to cherry trees at blossom, Harvista™ 1.3 SC helps interrupt the negative impact of ethylene and allows more flowers to become fruit, thus improving yield potential and income generation for growers.

“Harvista™ 1.3 SC has been proven for years to enhance the quality of apples and pears by expanding the harvest window to keep fruit on the tree longer, allowing more flexible labor management, and providing better control of ethylene response,” said Duncan Aust, AgroFresh’s Chief Technology officer. “Now, Turkish cherry growers will also be able to benefit from Harvista™ 1.3 SC with greater potential yield of premium fruit, improved fruit set and increased revenue potential.”

Turkish trial results confirm the successes seen in the United States and Chile, increasing yield in different varieties such as Regina, Kordia or Premier Giant, as well as geographic regions, ultimately producing larger fruit and premium quality, adding value for growers.

This solution adds to AgroFresh’s near-harvest, post-harvest and digital solutions portfolio in Turkey, enhancing the quality and extending the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Interested growers should contact their local AgroFresh representative to learn how to incorporate Harvista™ 1.3 SC into their quality program. The use of Harvista™ 1.3 SC should follow the AgroFresh recommendations to obtain optimal benefits.

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