Innovative digital solution chosen by leading Washington apple producer to digitize inspection data, derive supply chain insights and improve quality and freshness


December 2, 2021 AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.(NASDAQ: AGFS), a global leader in produce freshness solutions devoted to fighting food loss and waste, today announced that Starr Ranch Growers, a leading Washington produce grower, packer and shipper, has chosen to adopt AgroFresh’s FreshCloud™ Quality Inspection to digitally integrate their quality inspection efforts. The solution uses aggregated data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to sustainably address food waste reduction and derive supply chain insights through the FreshCloud digital platform, allowing for real time decisions with live analytics.

Before FreshCloud Quality Inspection, Starr Ranch Growers and its Custom Apple Packers warehouse conducted quality inspections manually, with almost no integration into larger platforms. By grading produce through the integrated application, FreshCloud Quality Inspection uses real-time data to help customers make crucial decisions on produce quality, harvest timing, packing, storage and market conditions.

“In the battle to protect produce against food loss and waste throughout the supply chain, which is facing more challenges than ever, customers have continued to look to and depend on AgroFresh for our innovative post-harvest solutions and direct high touch customer service model,” said Kim Bui, Global Head of FreshCloud Infrastructure and Analytics for AgroFresh. “Digital solutions like FreshCloud Quality Inspection require deep industry knowledge, and our team of industry experts work closely with our customers to digitize the quality inspection process and create new efficiencies that help maximize the quality of the world’s produce.”

This customized service approach allows AgroFresh to tailor its solutions and build long-standing relationships with customers. Starr Ranch and AgroFresh have been working together on produce freshness since 2002.

“Every one of our QC inspectors has enjoyed using the FreshCloud Quality Inspection. It’s user friendly and has made sharing data easier than ever,” said Jake Gale, Plant Manager at Starr Ranch. “The AgroFresh team listened to our needs and ideas and made our transition to the FreshCloud Quality Inspection a breeze.  We now have a QC platform we can be proud of.”

“Visibility to QC data has become much more streamlined and transparent, which has aided in faster decisions throughout the process,” said Joe Schwilke, Manager at Custom Apple Packers. “The AgroFresh team has been a pleasure to work with!”

FreshCloud Quality Inspection is part of AgroFresh’s FreshCloud suite of digital monitoring and analytics tools that use machine learning to enable advancements in supply chain sustainability and AgTech innovation. Other digital solutions include FreshCloud HarvestView fruit maturity assessment and orchard management tool that captures pre-harvest quality metrics.

About AgroFresh

AgroFresh (Nasdaq: AGFS) is an AgTech innovator and global leader with a mission to prevent food loss/waste and conserve the planet’s resources by providing a range of science-based solutions, data-driven digital technologies and high-touch customer services. AgroFresh supports growers, packers and retailers with solutions across the food supply chain to enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce. The AgroFresh organization has 40 years of post-harvest experience across a broad range of crops, including revolutionizing the apple industry with the SmartFresh™ Quality System for more than 20 years. This is powered by a comprehensive portfolio that includes plant-based coatings, equipment and proprietary solutions that help improve the freshness supply chain from harvest to the home. Visit to learn more.

About Starr Ranch

Starr Ranch Growers/Custom Apple Packers was founded in the heart of Washington’s apple country in 1934, and we’ve been a leading fruit grower, packer, and shipper ever since. Our Northwest-grown apples, pears, cherries, and stone fruit are among the very best that nature has to offer.

But here at Starr Ranch Growers, we pride ourselves on growing more than just fruit – we’re growing families, communities, and a better planet. Our orchards belong to multi-generational farming families who raise premium, wholesome fruit. One of Starr Ranch’s strongest traditions is giving back to our community, and our sustainable farming techniques ensure that we’re nurturing the land as well as our fruit.


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