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Seasonal Predictions 2024: Internal Browning Risks for Pink Lady Apples

2024-04-05T08:30:33-05:00April 4th, 2024|Tags: |

Internal browning in Pink Lady apples is a complex disorder that is influenced by both pre and postharvest factors. The term “internal browning” refers to a group of separate disorders that have different (though sometimes overlapping) causes and management strategies. The two main disorders are “radial” and “diffuse” flesh browning. Both the radial and diffuse [...]

Harvista™ A Very Worthwhile Investment For Rosy Glow (PINK LADY)

2024-04-03T10:44:27-05:00March 29th, 2024|Tags: |

For the Mason Orchard (AG & HC Mason) in Forest Range region of the Adelaide Hills, AgroFresh’s Harvista technology does everything that is expected of it on their varieties such as Gala, Jazz, Bravo and Rosy Glow, the high coloured sport (sub variant) of Pink Lady, throughout harvest, storage and packout. Noel Mason operates the orchard [...]

Harvista™ A ‘Recipe’ For Controlling Bruising

2024-04-03T10:51:05-05:00March 29th, 2024|Tags: |

Bruising can be a costly problem for growers harvesting and packing Granny Smith. As Orchard Manager at Newton Brothers Orchards at Manjimup, Darren Shipley, attests, “every bruise costs us money”. When, four years ago, Darren first heard about the planned registration and use of AgroFresh’s Harvista in Australia, he questioned whether this new technology would do [...]

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