AgroFresh presents on multiple emulsion delivery of 1-MCP for pre-harvest use

PHILADELPHIA, August 16, 2016 – AgroFresh recently participated in the Formula VIII Conference, which aims at advancing knowledge, sharing ideas and working together in the field of product formulation. Held in Barcelona, Spain, July 4-7, 2016, the conference focused on all aspects of formulation sciences and technologies. Participating companies, such as AgroFresh, are innovators that continually bring scientific discoveries and technical advances to the market, which allow new product introductions to satisfy evolving customer needs.

Tirthankar Ghosh, Ph.D. and Principal Research Scientist for AgroFresh, presented on using a multiple emulsion approach to deliver 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) for pre-harvest applications. SmartFresh™, a 1-MCP product offered by AgroFresh, is used widely in the fruit industry to control postharvest ripening and quality loss of apples in storage. With the success of postharvest 1-MCP, interest has grown in Harvista™, a sprayable form of 1-MCP, for pre-harvest application in the orchard for managing quality, color and size of fruit while on the tree prior to harvest. This discussion describes the next generation in the pre-harvest use of 1-MCP.

Dr. Ghosh presented novel approaches by AgroFresh for developing formulations that allow successful application of 1-MCP, which can be challenging because it is a gas. “Innovation for the sake of customer satisfaction is a constant mission at AgroFresh,” said Ghosh. “We are excited to have participated at Formula VIII and present our challenges with other entrepreneurial-minded individuals. It is not only about sharing our knowledge but learning from others who advance their companies with technology in product formulation.”

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