FreshCloud™ Storage Insights helps you monitor fruit in storage for added peace of mind

Unexpected changes in quality. Rapid disease progression. While in storage, a myriad of potential issues can rob produce of its quality and freshness, and you may not know for months. With data from Storage Insights now available via the FreshCloud™ portal from AgroFresh, you have an integrated solution that provides true peace of mind insight into the quality of your fruit during storage.

Developed with our strong fruit physiology knowledge base, this breakthrough monitoring and analysis service utilizes dynamic sampling points during storage, unique multifactorial storage diagnostics and state-of-the-art analytical equipment to allow you to detect issues, anticipate room opening and reduce waste. All so that you can increase the potential of your produce arriving in market with its freshness and quality intact.

How Storage Insights adds confidence to storage

  • With the ability to access data through our FreshCloud online platform, Storage Insights allows you to monitor storage conditions to optimize the marketable value of fruit and reduce waste

  • Yields valuable insights for a more predictable and better packout

  • Warns you of developing issues so that they can be addressed before they become problems

  • Provides powerful insights and information for data-driven decisions, especially in regard to room-opening prioritization

  • Backed by AgroFresh global expertise and fruit physiology knowledge

Bring the benefits of storage monitoring to your crop

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