FreshCloud Quality Inspection

Combine agricultural expertise and digital technology for optimized quality decision-making

FreshCloud Quality Inspection is a cloud-based service that allows fresh-produce growers, packers and shippers to centrally configure and manage product and process assessments, carry out checks and report on performance, helping to drive accuracy and consistency across their operations.

The service can be easily accessed by quality control teams via a mobile app and/or web-based solution. to streamline fruit-quality inspection processes and achieve desired quality standards across their supply chain. With all necessary inspections and actions available on mobile devices and desktops, and their results appearing in real time, FreshCloud Quality Inspection provides visibility and insights to help users maximize their quality control.

FreshCloud Quality Inspection allows users to access the latest checking standards, capture their findings and make these immediately visible to all approved users and stakeholders. This digital technology helps to maximize the quality and consistency of fresh produce, thereby improving customer satisfaction and their loyalty to the brand and product. Furthermore, it gives comprehensive access to fresh-produce quality and provenance.

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Set your produce up for its freshest life

  • Secure freshness for your valuable crops

  • Better understand your produce’s quality at the different stages of its life cycle

  • Evaluate trends and quality across different sources and seasons

  • Reduce food waste by lowering in-bound rejections and improving the consistency of produce

Start with securing freshness, but don’t stop there

  • Save costs via workforce management and single-use testing material

  • Provide transparency and collaboration from field to market, while moving quality-control (QC) inspection to the digital age

  • Increase reproducibility and reduce error rates through digitally captured inspection

  • Empower QC managers and personnel to make informed decisions quickly

Bring the benefits of FreshCloud Quality Inspection to your quality management program

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