The SmartFreshSM Quality System is globally recognized as an important tool for fruit quality management. SmartFresh successfully manages fruit and vegetable ripening by controlling naturally occurring ethylene during storage and transport.

Ethylene triggers ripening and spoilage in most fruits and vegetables, and can be responsible for storage disorders which can spoil products and result in loss and waste. SmartFresh reduces fruit waste and maintains the texture, firmness, taste and appearance of fruits by warding off negative ethylene effects.

Mode of Delivery

SmartFresh technology's active ingredient, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), is a simple hydrocarbon molecule similar to naturally occurring ethylene. This similarity allows SmartFresh to interact with the ethylene receptors of the fruits. The SmartFresh product is a sugar-based powder formulation which is dissolved in regular tap water releasing the 1-MCP in the storage room. It permeates the air and interacts with the ethylene receptors on the fruit, blocking them temporarily until the fruit comes out of the storage facility or the refrigerated environment. In ambient temperature the fruit develops new ethylene receptors, and ripening continues normally. The active ingredient biodegrades naturally and there is no SmartFresh present anymore when the application is completed. The whole process takes less than 24 hours.

SmartFresh is available in three additional modes of delivery to meet customer needs

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SmartFresh ProTabs

SmartFresh ProTabs provides all the benefits of our original SmartFresh Quality System in a convenient and easy to use tablet delivery system that can be adapted for a wide range of treatment sizes and storage rooms.

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SmartFresh SmartTabs

Now even small orchards or small harvested fruit quantities can enjoy the benefits of SmartFresh SmartTabs in any prepared existing storage space or container with or without refrigeration.

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SmartFresh InBox

SmartFresh InBox provides all the benefits of SmartFresh in a convenient sachet format that can be used in the container.