Welcome to the world of Smarter Freshness

Imagine a future with less food loss. More freshness and quality, every step of the way from field to market. And even more abundant produce options for consumers. This is the world of Smarter Freshness, a growing range of integrated solutions only from AgroFresh.

For growers

For packers

For retailers

Developed in close collaboration with customers—and between our diverse teams of service professionals, technologists, marketers, scientists and post-harvest physiologists—Smarter Freshness solutions extend and build on our unique 1-MCP knowledge, insights and experience to serve a growing range of produce industry markets and applications.

For growers, Smarter Freshness solutions help the fruit achieve optimal maturity for harvest. For packers and distributors, it means smarter ways to safeguard, boost capacity and improve customer packout. And for retailers, our integrated solutions will help deliver the freshest, most delectable produce on the shelves, for a consumer experience that keeps them coming back.

How we’re working to bring Smarter Freshness to life, every day.

Extending our science to serve more markets

By working with the natural ripening processes, our pioneering ethylene management solutions proved to be a game-changer for the apple industry. And today we continually push the potential of our freshness science to touch an even wider variety of produce markets.

Creating integrated solutions

Data-driven insights and analytics. Integrated fungicide applications. Innovative packaging/ethylene management combinations. At AgroFresh, we’re creating exciting new integrated solutions by bringing together our deep industry knowledge, expertise and alliances.

Offering solutions across the entire value chain

Improving produce quality takes an end-to-end approach. That’s why we’re working to promote improved freshness and quality at each step of the value chain for growers, packers, distributors and retailers.

Addressing big issues of food waste and safety

We know that serving our customers serves the world we share. We’re driven to improve produce safety and advance sustainability for customers, end-users and the planet.

Our solutions help address the food waste problem estimated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to cost the world’s consumers and businesses at least $1 trillion each year.

Diverse talents, all joining together

Combining our diverse talents and aligning with customers, we collaborate closely for better services and new solutions.

Plant physiologists. Marketers. Service professionals. Technical experts. By working together as one, we’re empowering Smarter Freshness for all.

Our technologies

End-to-end, integrated technologies to help growers, packers and retailers succeed

Our solutions

How we’re enhancing freshness and consumer appeal for an expanding range of produce types

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