Ethylene management: The core technology behind Smarter Freshness

From the moment fruits and vegetables are harvested and flowers are picked, they begin to lose quality and eventually decay. Ethylene is the natural plant hormone generated internally that governs the speed at which quality and freshness are lost.

Keeping produce fresh is especially important during storage and transport because ethylene-rich environments can trigger the ripening process too quickly, which results in spoilage, loss and waste.

AgroFresh pioneered numerous scientific and commercial applications of 1-MCP, which temporarily blocks the production and absorption of ethylene.

Unlocking the secrets of freshness

AgroFresh pioneered the first pre-commercial trials on apples, fine-tuned the product formulation and developed use recommendations and appropriate protocols adapted to each crop and each region. Today, thanks to numerous years of close cooperation with international researchers, universities and customers, we have extensive knowledge of fresh produce quality management.

Investing in customers and the future

Our customers gain from the technical expertise acquired through our continually expanding international customer base, quality tracking studies and experience with all existing storage and transport regimes and marketing strategies. We continue to invest in R&D around the world to extend the benefits of our freshness science to everyone, everywhere. Commitment to customers is foundational, and we have offices and research facilities in many regions. Each customer relationship is customized to meet their needs and approached with a solution-based, long-term view.

AgroFresh’s brands are only marketed for crops where scientific experience has demonstrated clear benefits for our customers.

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