HarvistaTM pre-harvest technology gives orchards a competitive edge by helping deliver the highest quality fruit to market.

Harvista allows you to expand the harvest window up to 21 days, keeping fruit on the tree for optimal color, size and firmness.

Harvista technology prevents ethylene recognition to slow the natural ripening process, maintaining superior fruit quality and value from harvest to storage and packing.

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Maximize fruit quality and value

  •   Keep fruit on tree to reach optimal color and yield
  •   Reduce storage disorders by slowing starch conversion and acid loss
  •   Minimize watercore and improve soft scald control
  •   Deliver the fruit size, color, firmness and taste that consumers prefer
  •   Greater consistency in maturity for improved storage performance

Unparalleled harvest flexibility

  •   Schedule harvest to optimize quality and manage labor more efficiently
  •   Target specific blocks and varieties to maximize premium quality
  •   Bring consistent high-quality fruit to storage
  •   Strategically store and market fruit for optimal returns

Video Testimonials

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