Gain the insight to predict disorders in your high-value fruit

Add FreshCloud™ Predictive Screening to your program to protect the value of your premium crop.

Want to get the most consumer appeal and delicious quality from your Honeycrisp harvest? With FreshCloud Predictive Screening, you can now predict the risk of Soft Scald and Bitter Pit development on your Honeycrisp apples during storage by analyzing their unique biomarkers. Use it to make more informed storage management decisions to reduce storage losses, increase packouts and deliver the most premium experience to consumers.

Biomarkers are key

The genetic makeup of a given fruit variety is always identical, but all plants change in response to environmental factors. These environmental changes (e.g., orchard management practices, climate or geographical location) alter how biomarkers are expressed—some get turned on, others don’t. By looking closely at those alterations, we’re able to understand a specific orchard’s susceptibility to a disorder.

How FreshCloud Predictive Screening works

We analyze the juice from skin samples from the same orchard block (a total of 40 apples) to determine a risk index for Soft Scald and Bitter Pit. Knowing whether your fruit is at high, moderate or low risk will help you decide what to do post-harvest, such as market susceptible fruit early and store non-susceptible fruit longer. Watch a demo video here.

AgroFresh apples pome fruit

Post-harvest decision making

Once your apple samples are analyzed in our lab, your orchard’s screening results will appear on the FreshCloud portal. The portal is how we can quickly share actionable data to predict the risk of problems before they arise and enable you to make more informed storage management decisions. The portal is accesable via desktop and mobile app to all registered  growers through the App Store or Google Play 

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