RipeLock Packaging Technology

Smart packaging dedicated to extending shelf life and locking in produce freshness

Leveraging 20+ years of agriculture expertise, AgroFresh offers RipeLock custom packaging solutions and benefits for growers, packers, shippers, retailers, and end consumers. This value-added packaging can be used to give your produce a competitive advantage throughout the supply chain, while also providing a unique medium for your individual brand. Tailored to meet your individual crop needs, RipeLock packaging solutions can help extend shelf life naturally by altering the atmosphere and humidity within a package. Our packaging works to slow down senescence and reduce spoilage, helping you to create new value from harvest all the way to the consumer.

RipeLock packages

How RipeLock packaging can help benefit your produce

  • Alters the gas atmosphere concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide to naturally extend the shelf life of your crop

  • Reduces the respiration rate of produce to slow down senescence and control the harmful effects of ethylene

  • Secure color quality of your packaged produce

  • Secure desired taste and texture of your packaged produce

  • Maintains the delicate moisture balance to reduce weight loss without surrendering to the negative effects of excess moisture accumulation

  • Provides an extra barrier of food safety protection on the retail shelf

  • Enhances shelf appeal and provides a unique branding advantage in the marketplace

  • Creates new opportunities for a variety of fruits and vegetables like rambutan, broccoli, melon, pomegranate, and kiwi

RipeLock bananas

RipeLock packaging formats and capabilities

  • Available in formats as large as box liners or as small as retail pouches

  • Offering custom film formulations molded to fit your specific crop

  • Custom venting patterns using hot needle perforations, cold needle perforations, macro punches, or value-added laser micro perforations

  • Flexographic printing available in up to ten colors

Lock in produce freshness with unique RipeLock packaging technology

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