Say YES to optimal color and extended shelf life with RipeLock

When your bananas and other fruit can maintain premium visual appeal and keep their just-right taste and texture longer, you’ll score more business from shoppers and greater gains for your produce department. That’s why more retailers are discovering the unique advantages of RipeLock™ technology. This breakthrough, patented technology couples 1-MCP ethylene control with a proprietary micro-perforated packaging system that works together to slow ripening and reduce spoilage—and help you create new value from harvest all the way to consumer.

RipeLock technology in action

Applied at the final stage of the ripening cycle, the RipeLock technology works to deliver consistently higher color grades with lengthen shelf life.

How RipeLock technology benefits your produce department

  • Proprietary system couples RipeLock active with unique micro-perforated packaging to slow ripening and reduce spoilage

  • Enhances shelf appeal and ripeness, providing a unique competitive advantage for your store

  • Extends banana yellow life up to 6 days over any existing technologies

  • Efficient application requires no extra handling (such as cutting bags, resealing or stacking)

  • Creating new opportunities for other fruits and vegetables like avocados, broccoli and pomegranates

Extending freshness for a growing range of fruits and vegetables

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