Get the insight to manage produce quality, every step of the way

Add FreshCloud™ Transit Insights to your program to make more informed inventory decisions.

Imagine having a precise and powerful way to track and analyze the conditions inside each of your produce containers—every step of the journey from harvest to market. With data-informed estimates of each pallet’s shelf life, plus alerts to help verify that products are handled and cooled correctly, you could make better inventory decisions for less waste, greater revenue and maximum retail appeal.

With FreshCloud Transit Insights, now it’s all within reach. Powered by sensor pods smart enough to translate recorded temperature conditions into continuous quality information, Transit Insights arms you with the insights you need to cut losses in the supply chain and maximize the final quality of your products.

Make smarter decisions for more revenue and top quality

  • Actionable data tailored to you: View the information you need on your mobile devices or desktop. Take proactive steps to prevent losses with email and messaging alerts.

  • Product quality—the new metric for freshness: Gain groundbreaking insights from the first sensors smart enough to continually translate raw data into useful quality information.

  • End-to-end visibility: See the complete story of each pallet. Attain continuous audits of all critical processes.

  • Smart distribution: Get insight into product quality instantly before quality assurance inspection, enforce process standards, ensure supplier accountability, and prioritize inventory rotation and routing based on product quality.

Maximize safety and freshness across the supply chain

  • Streamline quality assurance procedures with data-driven effectiveness

  • Gain a new level of transparency with cloud-based records of every shipment

  • Leverage the mobile devices already in place throughout the supply chain

  • No readers, antennas or infrastructure required

A platform designed for ease and assurance

  • Hardware—Our compact sensor pods ride along with pallets to continually record temperatures and other key data.

  • Mobile—Sensor pods communicate directly with mobile devices, giving warehouse and logistics staff fast access to data.

  • Cloud—All data is automatically sent to the secure cloud platform, providing managers with complete records and visibility of the entire chain.

Bring the power of FreshCloud Transit Insights to your crop

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