FreshCloud™ Harvest View helps you organize and share fruit maturity assessments in one place

Fruit maturity is a key factor in determining a strong near-harvest program. To optimize your harvest assessment and decision-making AgroFresh has introduced FreshCloud™ Harvest View. Harvest View is an advanced digital service that equips customers with on-time information to optimize harvest management and achieve enhanced fruit quality and yield.

Harvest View offers growers an even more comprehensive fruit maturity assessment and Harvista application timing system. Harvest View equips growers with data-driven insights that unlock a deeper understanding of fruit maturity and storage potential during harvest, which ultimately leads to more precise and sophisticated decision-making.

Harvest View is an easy-to-use digital service that complements AgroFresh’s proprietary Harvista™ 1.3 SC technology, a near-harvest solution that provides flexibility to extend the harvest window, improve fruit quality and optimize labor management at harvest. Harvest View captures, organizes and presents fast and easy-to-access data insights on starch hydrolysis progression. Growers can make timely decisions on when to apply Harvista, which is key to maximize quality and yields. This can translate into higher profit potential.

Get a better view of your harvest

  • Enhance starch hydrolysis scoring

  • Optimize Harvista application timing and harvest scheduling

  • Monitor starch progression with ease and convenience

  • Organize, share and achieve maturity testing in one central location

Bring the benefits of FreshCloud Harvest View to your orchard

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