LandSpringTM technology is a plant-growth regulator (PGR) for pre-transplant use on seedlings to help them withstand transplanting and other stresses encountered in the field. Visit to learn more.

LandSpring's active ingredient 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) prevents the ethylene signals that would prompt a stress event in the seedling and reduce growth.

Among the number of protective benefits, this technology makes seedlings less sensitive to stresses such as heat, cold, UV radiation, drought, flooding and salinity that often occur after planting.

When applied 1-5 days before transplanting, LandSpring counteracts stress effects, resulting in greater plant vigor, and a healthier crop that is better able to withstand adverse environmental conditions and give growers the best chance of a maximum yield.

LandSpring benefits

  •   Improved seedling survival and greater biomass
  •   Vigorous growth with enhanced early growth
  •   Reduced disease incidence and better late-season health
  •   Fewer replants needed in treated plots
  •   Faster root establishment, more leaf area, and taller plants
  •   Greater yield: 15% average yield increase over untreated crops