Committed to achieving better health, safety and sustainability

AgroFresh’s Sustainability Commitment comes from two decades of delivering innovative solutions that prolong produce freshness and decrease food waste. Our dedication to protect and preserve the planet has never wavered.

“Sustainability is a way of conducting business with respect and consideration for the planet and our food system.”
– Jordi Ferre, Chief Executive Officer

As a company, we have always believed that sustainability is a proactive approach ingrained in our every action, every day. As individuals, the people of AgroFresh prioritize sustainability both personally and in their careers.

In 2019, we committed to further deliver on our mission to extend shelf life of the best-tasting produce, prevent food waste and conserve our planet’s resources. We engaged in a plan to formalize and strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

“Smart sustainability combines the social aspect of preserving food and making it last longer with good economic sense. The solutions we provide make economic sense to our customers.” – Kevin Frye, RipeLock North America Sales Manager

AgroFresh commissioned a study to quantify the environmental impact of our SmartFresh™ solution in the U.S., France and Italy – three of the world’s largest apple producers – over the past 15+ years from an industry-leading consulting firm, The Context Network.

Since 2002, the SmartFresh Sustainability Impact has:

Fresh energy saving

As part of our ongoing focus on sustainability, AgroFresh will continue to measure the impact of its solutions around the world, with future studies dedicated to each of our technologies and freshness solutions in various geographies.

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