Committed to achieving better health, safety and sustainability

At AgroFresh, the values of health, safety, the environment and sustainable development are at our core.

Our guiding principles

Fighting food waste.

Helping to reduce food waste by developing and offering modern technologies that reduce measurably the number of spoiled and wasted fruit before and during harvest, during storage and throughout the supply chain up to the consumer, at home.

Engaging our stakeholders.

Listening and communicating respectfully with our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, neighbors, governments and other stakeholders.

Prioritizing on sustainability.

Ensuring our business decisions align with our efforts to protect and improve sustainability.

Protecting health and safety.

Providing our employees with a safe workplace, and helping our customers, communities and other stakeholders understand our commitment to safe and secure operations and products.

Protecting health and safety.

Continuously striving to improve our worldwide operations, processes and products.

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