Forming alliances to push what’s possible in agriculture

How we’re teaming up with other innovators to advance our industry and keep our customers ahead

To expand our Smarter Freshness integrated solutions, we are working with other innovative companies and extending our R&D efforts on innovations that go beyond 1-MCP—including adding powerful new sensor technologies and predictive analytics capabilities. Here are a few of our latest collaborations.

It’s Fresh!

In a commercial agreement with British food technology company It’s Fresh!, our teams are engaged in helping develop new products to reduce food waste in many more countries around the world. It’s Fresh! technology is already being used by leading supermarkets in the UK, the US and Europe, including Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Morrisons, Waitrose, M&S and Carrefour.


This ag-tech incubator is designed to open innovation between corporations and startups. We’re joining other leading companies from the global food/agricultural sector in the inaugural cohort of corporate alliances.


With RipeLocker, we are helping develop a unique system to manage atmospheric pressure, humidity and gas composition in containers. The system is designed to cost-effectively maintain produce quality as it travels through adverse conditions during the post-harvest journey.


With China’s largest fruit retail chain, we are working in a cooperative agreement to establish an after-harvest R&D innovation center. By integrating our insights and technologies with Pagoda’s own supply chain and experiences, together we aim to make new strides in minimizing damage and safeguarding freshness and quality of fruit during transit and storage.

Looking to team up?

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